2017 International Conference of Precision Health and Precision Nutrition

Nov 6-7, 2017  Shanghai, China

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About Us

Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences (SIBS):

Shanghai Institutes of Biological Sciences (SIBS) was established in July 1999 by Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in an effort to accommodate the increasing needs of China in medicine and health. The overall objective of SIBS is to build up an internationally advanced “biomedicine core” in China. The long-term goal of SIBS is to create a first-class research institution that will produce “first-class achievement, first-class benefit, first-class management and first-class talents”. SIBS is also actively involved in promoting the development of translational research related to people’s health.

Website: www.sibs.cas.cn

Key Laboratory of Nutrition and Metabolism (KLNM):

The Key Laboratory of Nutrition and Metabolism (KLNM) was founded in 2003, which is a leading laboratory focusing on the nutritional metabolism in China. The mission of KLNM is to serve the national interest in combating nutrition-related diseases including obesity, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and certain cancers, as well as establishing proper nutritional needs for Chinese population and subpopulation through multidisciplinary biomedical researches at molecular, cellular, animal, and human population levels.

Website: www.klnmcas.ac.cn

Basic Nutrition Research Branch of Chinese Nutrition Society:

Basic Nutrition Research for China Nutrition Society is established in 2013, as one of the branches of the Chinese Nutrition Society (CNS), a multi-disciplinary professional organization dedicated to research the application of the best nutrition practices for the promotion of human well-being and the prevention of diseases. Currently, CNS has over 18,000 members in 31 regional societies across China including academics, nutritionists, clinicians and dietitians, health workers, educators and students ( www.cnsoc.org). The major missions of Basic Nutrition Research Branch are to provide opportunities for sharing latest scientific development involving advanced nutritional research; facilitating the interactions and collaborations between the members and also scientists and researchers across China and around the world; supporting high quality education and training programs in nutrition.

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